Your garage floors are more vulnerable than you think. Things like rain, road salt, ice, oil, grease and the incessant weight of cars can lead the garage floors to their impending doom. Fortunately, you can stop it from happening. Check out the many ways in which you can ensure the integrity of your garage floor.


One of the best ways to prolong the life of your garage floor is to apply sealing on them. Sealers in the form of paints form a protective film over the surface of the concrete to prevent any external damage. They are affordable, easy to apply and come in various types, such as acrylic, latex and urethane. A sealing protects from stains and water damage. The acrylic types of sealers come in a multitude of colors that you can apply to suit your tastes. Applying the coat twice will give you optimum results. Although, make sure you take appropriate precautions when doing it yourself because the chemicals can be harmful. Use gloves and marks to protect your skin from any exposure. It is always better to call the professionals when in such cases. Epoxy sealers are stronger than acrylic and will give your floor a greater lifespan. They come in elegant looks, which will include an additional benefit of aesthetics.


The coating is the most effective way in which you can protect your garage floor. They have the edge over sealers in terms of protection. Sealers are effective, but they don’t bond to the concrete as much as coatings do. Polyasperatic floor coating is your best bet at protecting the flooring. This coating is made out of high-grade materials and is sorted out by professionals to make your flooring long-lasting. This coating penetrates into the surface and strengthens the foundations of the concrete. It resists all the damages happening from water, chemicals or other substances and protects from impacts and abrasions efficiently. Another effective coating is the epoxy coating type. Epoxy floor coatings are budget-friendly and prevent the garage floor from any damage and also give an enhanced look to your garage.

PVC Mats

Constant exposure to the prevailing moisture can harm your garage flooring. Avoid this by placing PVC mats that trap moisture and wouldn’t let it interact with your garage floor. In unfavorable weather climate conditions, let the mats soak the wetness of your shoes.

Floor Tiles

This is a fast and cost-effective way to solve any problem of unattractive surfaces. While they don’t fix degraded garage surfaces, they do minimize the usual wear and tear of the flooring. These tiles are easy to replace, so you can exchange a damaged one for a new one. Moreover, the different styles of tiles will give you your desired aesthetic.

Ensuring the safety and quality of your garage flooring is important. After all, it’s your car that will rest over it. Get high-performance flooring from Premier Built Garages. Not only flooring but our services encapsulate all the necessary elements your garage space needs. Reach out to know more about our services.