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Premier Built Garages is a specialist in building premier garage suites. As a part of building your garage suite the Premier way, we have a Quality driven building system we follow that ensures every Suite is Premier Built.

Learn more about the process to construct your new garage suite. Click on each step below to learn more about our Quality driven and Industry leading building process.

Stage 1 – Preparation:

From building selections and design to handing over the keys, here we begin your build.

Through an initial consult, we review your zoning and property to ensure fit and prepare a scope of work. This is the point at which we discuss your wishes. At this point, we recommend you consult a mortgage specialist and confirm your budget and financing options. If you need a specialist or financing, we do provide access to both.

Once this step is complete, you should have an idea of the possible designs, a preliminary budget, and are prepared for the financial investment.

Stage 2 – Design and Planning:

With further consultation we now work to ensure the suite is a fit for you and your goals. Here you can expect feedback on requirements, design implications, and confirming parameters for the city zoning. Suite designs, are finalized with our dedicated designers who work with you to prepare a plan fit to your taste. Project estimates and scope of work are laid out and the suite is ready for construction to proceed. Interior and Exterior Selections are finalized and coordinated.

Finally permits are processed with the city, with guaranteed approval and ensuring our quality we contact you with your approximate start date.

Stage 3 – The Start – De-Construction:

Here we work with you to inform your neighbours about the start of construction. Helping them understand what to expect and timelines for the build.

Also, If Demolition is required, a site visit is done to review the work and lay-out the excavating and demo area. With you on site, we make sure all materials and objects requiring removal are marked and accounted for. Next our Demo guys take care of business.

In preparing for construction, expect excavation for the utilities and a mess.In the construction zone, we will have the space cleared, and ask for space for our workers to complete the build and keep the site safe.
Watch the fun begin!

Stage 4 – Concrete and Utilites:

Once we are ready, trenching and utilities are run to service your suite. These are taken care now of to minimize risk of damage, delays or minimize the potential mess.

At this stage, access to your home may be required to connect utilities if that is determined to be the best method. Our concrete guys will pour your slab (preferably with a curb, protecting your garage from the elements). If you have an apron or sidewalk, these are left until the suite is complete.

Finally, concrete is poured for the structure, and the foundation is complete for the building to be erected.

Stage 5 – The Building:

The Build begins and your garage suite takes shape. We now work through framing, roofing, siding, eaves, electrical, windows, doors and get your garage built. Methodically, we continue our quality checks and stage each portion of the build so that we can ensure your garage suites quality, and maintain our warranty. Inspections are booked for with the city for the building.

At this stage most the suite is now ready for the Finishing touches.

Stage 6 – Interior Finishes:

Now the beauty of your new investment is put together.All the work you put in to select your desired look and feel is put together.
Flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing is now complete, making the suite ready for final inspections and city approval.

Stage 7 – Completion:

At this time we’ve completed your new garage suite, but we are not finished the work.

A final site clean-up, grading, final touch ups, and a building walk through is done to ensure the garage suite is completed to your satisfaction and prepared for new tenants.

Here final transactions are completed and you will receive your owners package with your warranty info.

Stage 8 – Celebrate!


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