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Premier Built Garages is a specialist in building premier detached garages. As a part of building your garage the Premier way, we have a quality driven building system we follow that ensures your garage is Premier Built.

Learn more about the process to construct your families new garage. Click below to understand more on what you can expect from Premier Built Garages and the quality driven and industry leading building process we use.

Stage 1 – Preparation:

From building selections and design to handing over the keys and remotes, here we begin your build.

Expect to review the scope of work when finalizing your garage package design and completing your paperwork. For custom garage designs, our dedicated designers work with you to prepare a plan fit to your taste.

Finally permits are processed with the city, with guaranteed approval and ensuring our quality we contact you with your start date.

Stage 2 – De-Construction:

If demolition is required, a site visit is done to review the work and lay-out the excavating and demo area. With
you on site, we make sure all materials and objects requiring removal are marked and accounted for. Next our demo guys take care of business. If you have utilities In the construction zone, we will have the providers protect or move them accordingly. Watch the fun happen!

Stage 3 – Construction: (CONCRETE/ FOUNDATION):

If concrete is required, we now confirm placement of the garage and the forms are positioned. Our concrete professionals will pour your slab (preferably with a curb, protecting your garage from the elements). If you have a driveway or sidewalk included, these will also be completed now. Any trenching or utilities that are run to service your garage are taken care of to minimize risk of damage, delays or a mess.

Finally, we wait for the concrete to cure.

Stage 4 – Construction: (THE BUILD)

The build begins and your garage takes shape. We now work through framing, roofing, siding, eaves, electrical, windows, doors and get your garage built. Methodically, we continue our quality checks throughout each stage of the build to ensure quality, and maintain our industry- leading NEW GARAGE WARRANTY. Inspections are booked with the city and if we had poured concrete the grading is done. At this stage most garages will be ready for inspection.

Stage 5 – Interior Finishes: (OPTIONAL Add-ons):
Have you requested a finished, heated garage?

If you have requested interior finishing such as painting, floor coating, heating, or additional storage/cabinetry, we now install and complete everything to your selections, making the garage ready for your hobbies or work.

Stage 6 – Completion:

At this time we’ve completed your new garage, but we are not finished our work.

A final site clean-up and building review is done to ensure the garage is complete and 100% ready for you. With our final occupancy review, we meet with you to make sure your garage meets expectations. 

Once the review is complete and the final touch ups are finished, we schedule a time to deliver your keys, remote, sign-off on your garage completion, and take final payment.

Here you will receive your garage owners package with your warranty info.

Concrete Work


Garage is Ready for Exterior

Duplex Garage Complete

Split Roof Garage


Exterior Finished

Standard Garage Complete

Discount Garage Complete

Concrete Pour

Custom Garage Complete

Exterior Work

Our garages are covered by a comprehensive 3-year / 5-year / 10-year New Garage Warranty.

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