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With over 100 years of construction experience, and as specialists in building Detached Garages.  Trust the experts in garages with your garage needs.  If you don’t find an answer to your question, call us at 780-737-4355, and we’d be glad to help you out.

Q. Does Premier get the permits and drawings, and how long do permits take?

A. Yes, we take care of everything for you, so you can spend your time doing what you like! Typically, we can get drawings and permits within a week; However, on the rare occasion there is a change in city process and regulations, or a tight size, this can cause a delay in the permits for up to 8 weeks.

Q. Do all garage packages come insulated and/or drywalled?

A. Yes, insulation and drywall is available as an option for all garages. The pre-designed packages we provide do not include insulation and drywall in the initial cost, but it can be added to your garage package along with tape/mud, and paint. Some neighbourhoods we build garages in, require a fire-rated build, which can include insulation/vapour barrier/ drywall/ and tape/mud.

Q. Does Premier Built Garages build more than just the standard builder spec garage?

A. Very much yes, we build everything from the Premier and discount “builder” spec through to custom designed garages as well as garage suites. We specialize in detached garages; Our packages are provided to simplify the design and selection process for you.

Q. Can we customize our garage?

A. Yes, our packages are provided to simplify the selection for your garage. We can modify and customize your garage to fit your needs. If you have specific requirements, work with our designer to create your ideal garage plans.

Q. Does Premier Built Garages New Garage Warranty cover concrete?

A. Yes, if we have provided the concrete for your garage pad the warranty does then include the concrete. We select suppliers that guarantee their work and offer a warranty as part of their commitment to quality.

If your concrete was poured by a third-party concrete company or a home builder, those companies will provide you with their own warranty and service coverage, and are responsible for the work they have completed.

Q. Does Premier require a deposit?

A. For your standard garage build we DO NOT take a deposit, and if a contractor does, please ensure they are properly licensed and BONDED that is very important. A bond is insurance against the contractor taking your deposit and not providing services agreed upon, as well, it is illegal to take a deposit unless the company has the proper “Pre-Paid Contractors License” and bond. This license is different from the standard business licenses to operate in Edmonton and surrounding areas which Premier does possess.

For any garages requiring concrete and demolition, we require a down payment. As mentioned, we do hold a “Pre-Paid Contractors License” and are BONDED so you can rest assured your investment is safe.

Q. How long does it take to build my garage?

A. Typically, a garage build is 1 ½ to 2 weeks; Although, we can build a garage in a matter of days, we prefer to stick to our proven quality construction management. This is to ensure that every detail is checked and approved before we hand your garage over to you and your family. This way we guarantee our work and craftsmanship for 3/5/10 years as stated in our warranty.

Q. If we want to do some work ourselves (electrical, roofing, insulation), can we do this after?

A. Yes and no, if you are qualified or know how to do a specific scope, and would like to save yourself that cost, we can work with you to include that in your build. Any work you complete, along with any modifications you make to the completed garage will void the warranty for that specific scope of your garage. Items such as electrical or roofing need to be completed at certain stages of the build, and must be coordinated with our construction team. In the case of electrical, you will need to get the permit for this, as the person completing the work is held responsible by your local regulator. Insulation and drywall, or siding can be completed after we have built your garage and it will just need to be noted in the agreement as excluded from scope of work.

Q. Can Premier build my garage in the winter?

A. Yes, we build garages year-round. If the concrete pad is already poured, we can easily build on top of that concrete. You just need to ensure that the concrete is cleared of ice and snow. If you want to pour concrete in the winter, there are additional charges and services required to do so, and many concrete providers will not guarantee their work for winter garage pads. We can heat and cover, or upgrade your concrete to grade beam and piles, but our recommendation is to wait until the ground has thawed to pour a garage pad. Waiting is both cost effective and the most reliable option for the best results.

Q. Can we colour match to the existing colours on the home?

A. Yes, we also match exactly to the manufacturer of your exterior cladding and shingles, where as, most contractors simply match to the closest colour available from their supplier.

Q. What is premium vinyl siding?

A. Premium siding is a more expensive vinyl siding, typically reserved for darker and more vibrant coloured siding. The premium part is an added level of UV protection provided in the pigment to extend the lifetime of the richer coloured vinyl siding. In some neighbourhoods, premium siding may be a requirement, check with Premier Built Garages or your home builder to confirm.

Q. Does Premier have work that we can see?

A. Yes, we likely have a garage in your community that you can see. We have over 5000 completed garages, in and around the Edmonton area. If you would like to see one, or if you have something specific that you’d like to see, we likely have a garage close to you that you can view. The benefits of working with Premier Built Garages, is that we have a vast range of work completed and options for your garage project.

Q. Where does Premier build garages?

A. Generally speaking, we service up to an hour from Edmonton city limits. 

Q. Does my garage come with electrical?

A. Yes, all Premier Built Garages are built complete with electrical which is finished by our Master Electrician. Every garage comes with lights and outlets on the interior and exterior of the garage, just as you would have with your home.

Q. What is the difference between 4/12 vs 6/12 sloped roof?

A. These are the pitches of the roof, and are a factor in the lifetime of your garage and your roof. The first number is the distance in inches or feet vertically and the second number reflects the distance horizontally. These together reflect the rise of the roofline in accordance with the size of garage.

A 4/12 sloped roof is a reduced pitch which minimizes the cost of your structure, but also does not shed water or snow as fast, leaving a load on your roof and wearing your shingles faster.

A 6/12 sloped roof is a standard roof pitch that is ideal to shed water or snow and maintain the life expectancy of your roof. Premier Built Garages does offer either option, but our standard roof is a 6/12, providing a more appealing and symmetrical garage.

As a side note, there are 8/12,10/12 and steeper roof lines. These are typically reserved for loft or attic style homes or can be a requirement for architectural guidelines.

Q. What is the difference between a garage builder and a contractor?

A. As a garage builder, you are dealing with a reputable and established business, experienced in many aspects of garages, not an individual that does the work, focusing on their next paycheque. As a builder, we are staffed with skilled employees, who specialize in key aspects of the build and business, ensuring that you and your family get the best experience and outcome in the industry. As a builder our focus is on mastering one area; Garages. To ensure our work, we order and control each part and piece of the garage, ensuring materials are enough, reliable, and on-time. Whereas, a contractor may build a garage one week, and the next week finish a basement, not mastering one thing, only, semi-knowledgeable in many projects. Most contractors rely on a third party to design, supply, and deliver their garage packages, which ends up in quality and reliability issues. Not necessarily guaranteeing that the outcome in the task they are doing one week will be to the quality of the prior.

Q. Does Premier provide financing?

A. Yes we do! The application can be sent via secure email, from our preferred lender upon request. Once approved, payments will not be processed until completion of your garage.

Q. Does Premier provide drawings and a copy of the permit?

A. Once we have completed your garage, you will be provided the approved permits and a copy of your approved garage for any resale and liability purposes.

Q. Do we need the curb or pony wall around the concrete pad?

A. No, but we do strongly recommend it; especially in older areas where the yard has settled. Premier Built Garages does everything we can to prevent water penetration, by using the best sealants available, but this may not prevent the water from getting in if the grade in the backyard is too high.

Q. What does Premier Built Garages New Garage Warranty include and how long is it?

A. In aligning ourselves with the New Home Warranty, we provide an all inclusive 3-year warranty on materials and labour, 5 years for the building envelope, along with 10 years structural provided by Premier Built Garages. All manufacturers warranties are still valid throughout. We also have upgraded warranties available on request.

Q. Will Premier Built Garages build a package that we purchase?

A. No, we do not build third party garage packages. There are many issues when building third party garage packages, including theft of materials, weathering of supplies, short ordered / short shipped materials, and return trips for missing materials. We strive for a quality and professional experience, and to do so, we need to ensure the materials are up to our standards and delivered as we need them. This is how we guarantee a Premier Built Garage.

Q. Does Premier renovate basements?

A. No, we specialize in building detached garages. Some people try to be experts at many things, we strive to be masters of one thing; Garages. This helps us ensure quality and reliability in our service and you get a guaranteed Premier Built Garage.

Q. What is sleeving a gas line, and do I need it?

A. Sleeving a gas line is when, the gas supplier for you community puts a protective pipe or “sleeve” over your gas line, when the line runs under the enclosed garage. The purpose of this is to prevent any gas leaks from seeping and collecting in an enclosed building. The likelihood of this is minimal, but the gas companies and insurance companies require this to be done to prevent any catastrophe from happening. If you live in an older neighbourhood, this may apply to your garage. Your local gas supplier or AB-1-Call, along with Premier Built Garages would need to inspect your site to determine if this is required. Another, but less cost effective solution, is to move the gas-line completely from under the garage. In very few cases would this be required, but this is still another consideration when planning your new garage.

Q. How do we protect our concrete pad from weather and road salt?

A. The best thing to do is build a garage and protect it from the elements. To further protect your concrete, we would apply a hardener or a polyaspartic coating to protect your garage from degrading.

Q. What is the difference between a Sealer, hardener, epoxy and polyaspartic coatings?

A. There are noticeable differences between these, but the most significant is durability and quality. As with most other products, the quality is represented in the price and application method. Beware of easy to use or combination/blended applications and the lowest cost, as they are not characteristics of a reliable and effective product.

– A sealer is a surface coating that protects your concrete from absorbing moisture. This helps as a short-term protection from weather and traffic (expected lifetime: 1-4 years).

– A hardener,or densifier, does just what it says, it strengthens your concrete and protects it from breaking down. This is a long-term solution to sealing your concrete and protecting your pad from salt and calcium chloride degradation (expected lifetime: 5-25 years).

– Epoxy coatings are a surface coating that can protect your concrete from traffic and the elements. Epoxy coatings come in a variety of applications but are primarily a short-term aesthetic solution to protecting your floor and typically wear in heavy traffic (expected lifetime: 2 and 10 years).

– A polyaspartic coating is the most durable application to your floor, providing both aesthetics and durability. This is the best long-term solution, although the application is extensive and costs more, the lifetime and beauty are incomparable to the rest (expected lifetime 25+years)

Q. Does my garage have a drain?

A. As a standard, if we are providing concrete for your garage pad, we slope the floor toward the overhead door to direct all water out of the garage. If you want to add a drain when we are pouring your concrete floor, this can be done; However, most people find a floor drain to be cost prohibitive.

Q. There are architectural controls in my neighbourhood, can Premier build to them or do I have to follow them.

A. Yes, Premier Built Garages builds hundreds of garages a year, and we have surely built one in your neighbourhood within the guidelines/controls; However, most architectural specs are requirements for the developer and the home builder. Unless it is specified in local regulations, you are not required to follow those guidelines/controls; although, we do recommend following them closely, for the satisfaction of your neighbours and resale considerations.

Q. What is a Zero-lot-line?

A. This is where your house and garage are positioned on your property line. A fire rating is required within the construction of the building to meet code and pass inspections. This regulation has been around since 1970 (in various forms) but was re-introduced recently as a newer practice in developments and home building. This practice is where houses are built closer together (specifically, one side of the house is on it’s property line) and specific construction designs are required to provide fire ratings and protection. Call us or speak to your home builder to find out if this is required for your neighbourhood and your garage.

Q. Why does Premier offer laminated shingles?

A. Laminated, or, 50-year shingles (as they are known) are a more durable and desirable material for your roof. We provide these shingles to ensure the you get a quality garage. In 2018, the standard 3-tab shingle was discontinued, but we are still able to match colours.


Quick, quality, efficient and also cost effective and cheaper compare to other contractors I had asked, here in Edmonton. I plan to have my garage made before winter sets in. And even it was Fall and there was snow already , they live up to their promise to build it, as planned. Awesome, I highly recommend them.

Rolan Priela

We had little ups & downs but overall it's still very good.. They're professionals and get the job done on point. That's the reason I chose them. Now I got to enjoy my new garage. Pricing wise is good too than the others. Recommendable

Chito Javier

Amazingly professional! These guys are the definition of what construction companies should be. On time, organized, quality product, quality workmanship. Trust me when I say, you should never go elsewhere for a garage!

Don Clement

Fantastic and hassle free service and so far seems like good quality!

Sterntelz Ernprathin

What a beautiful garage! Premier made it easy for us and they did it for a great price. We checked out a few contractors, and Premier was the one who knew what we were looking for. They matched everything perfectly, and we didn't have to do any work ourselves. I would recommend these guys to anybody in my neighbourhood, and to anybody that has a new home without a garage. Call Aaron.

M. Woods

This guy is a custom home builder doing garages! Great system in place, great price, and on time. I would recommend them to anyone.


Tyler Ellis


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