The garage is not only a space for parking vehicles. Many homeowners prefer to use their garages as storage for mowers, shovels and other tools as well as bikes, toys, etc. Some others turn their garages into an office, gym or workshop venue. Your garage should be able to fit your requirements, along with your vehicles. Therefore, before building or remodeling your garage, you need to consider size, storage, usage, etc. This will help you build a perfect garage that can enhance property value. So, check out factors to consider when you are planning your garage.

Size of Your Vehicle

Check whether your current car or truck fits into the garage. Also, if you are bringing in a new vehicle, you probably want to expand the garage or build a new one. Moreover, do not consider the size of your vehicle only, but check out the standard size—because if you sell your property in the future, it should not happen that your garage is incapable of fitting in the standard-sized car and truck. Therefore, build a garage that fits most types of cars. Due to budget constraints, you may prefer a smaller size, but the right garage size will protect your vehicle and also prove to be beneficial during a sale.

Belongings You Will Keep in the Garage

A garage, for some people, is a second storeroom, for they store patio furniture, extra cars, bikes, etc., in it. This can make the garage look cluttered if there is not enough space. Moreover, the chances of your belongings getting damaged are high because they are not getting proper space or maintenance. So, you need to evaluate how many extra items need to be kept in the garage and the number of people in your household who want to use the garage for their belongings. Once you have the correct number, you can decide on the storage space, cabinets, and placements of all belongings, so the garage looks organized.

Curb Appeal

It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. You need to ensure that your garage should look like a home and not just a place to park your car. If it’s a compact space, you may want to use somber lights and paint, so it imparts a vibe of comfort and homeliness. Also, ensure that your garage is energy-efficient, so either you can build in a way where natural sunlight and air would come in and minimize the usage of lights and fans/AC, or incorporate sensors. This will make your garage look elegant but also cozy and home-like.

Other Activities in the Garage

Ask yourself whether you will use a garage to only park vehicles or also for work purposes or to explore your hobbies. For example, if you are an artist and want a space to create your art, you will have to consider lighting and maybe aesthetic interiors. Your hobbies or requirements will determine the finishing of the garage.

Your garage can play multiple roles, so make sure you customize and prepare it for the same. You can connect with Premier Built Garages to rebuild or customize your garage. We provide you with endless design options that make your garage look sophisticated and home-like.

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