Your garage is your house’s connection to the outdoors, and it is essential you take care of it. A quick sweep through your garage, and you will notice that they are not as protected as your houses. They are more susceptible to damage from external elements. We often don’t count the garage as a part of our house and, in turn, deter from maintaining its upkeep. Our garage can be a source of considerable loss if not protected against harsh weather efficiently. Safeguarding your house as a whole will help it stay standing for an extended period. Here are a few tips on protecting your garage from bad weather:

Installing a Threshold Seal

Threshold seals fill in more significant gaps and are attached to the garage floor. They are excellent in preventing elements such as water, snow and air from entering your garage. A threshold seal is specially installed to prevent water from penetrating during floods. It will keep out all the moisture from rainwater and snow from causing damages like mould inside your house. A threshold seal is perfect if your garage happens to be on the lower end of your driveway.

Insulating Your Garage Door

One of the foolproof ways to protect your garage from the harsh winters is to add insulation to your door. Your garage door is a significant source of heat loss during the winters. Adding insulation to your garage door instantly protects you from the icy cold winds during harsh climate conditions. A warm garage also ensures no cold air enters your house.

Caulking Your Windows

Caulking is a material to seal joints or seams. It effectively stops leakage and, in the case of a garage, prevents rainwater and harsh winds from entering. Caulking is a quick fix and sure-shot way to double-proof your windows against strong winds. It is also successful in keeping your garage warm and insulated.

Waterproofing Your Garage Floor

Moisture and chemicals stick to concrete floors, and during the winters, you may find slush and mud from the melted snow mixed with dirt. This concoction will eventually enter your garage if it is not protected correctly. A waterproof seal on your garage floor is the way to go. Waterproof paint and epoxy flooring are a few ways through which you can prevent water from intruding into your cement and causing hefty damage.

Protecting your garage door doesn’t always require much effort at the hands of professionals and significantly uplifts the quality of your living. With a properly installed garage, you can rest assured that no elements are causing harm to it. Your house is also double protected from the harsh weather outside. Premier Built Garages gives you a garage space that is well protected during extreme weather. Our decades of experience and craftsmanship ensure you have a shielded space. Visit us at Garage Superstore for car mats, floor coatings and to get your garage built. 3407 Calgary Trail.

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