A detached garage is a garage built separately from the house. You can convert the garage attached to your home as a storage room, workspace, or guest bedroom. A garage separate from the house can give you the freedom to personally modify your property. Let’s look at six benefits of building a detached garage for your home:

It Gives You Extra Living Space

Detached garages are becoming a trend nowadays, as you can convert your attached garage to an extra room and build a separate garage for your cars. You can also build a new detached garage when renovating your home-attached garage. In addition, you can add living space above the detached garage.

It Provides a Better Aesthetic Look

If you have a small home, an attached garage can overwhelm the house’s look, whereas a detached garage will enhance your home’s aesthetic look. You can build it in your backyard or a little distance away from your residence. You can design it to look like a little house or cottage. The design and styling options are endless as detached garages are built separately from your home.

Offers the Opportunity for Renovation Projects

As the garage is away from the main residence building, you will have the liberty to reconstruct your home. For example, you can build a deck or patio around your house. With the extra space available instead of the garage, you can redesign your home as per your liking and taste.

Enables You to Build a Home Office

 If you own a small business and work from the garage for space and privacy, a detached garage is perfect for you, away from the chaos of the house but still at home.

It Offers the Chance to Stretch Your Legs

You can enjoy a nice little walk to and from your car every morning — a good excuse for a little exercise. The few minutes you spend walking amidst the pleasant weather, even if it’s just the distance from your house to the car, will refresh your mind and improve your mood.

It Makes Your Home Safer

It would be an excellent idea to build a detached garage. As the garage is away from your home, it will prevent toxic carbon monoxide fumes from the cars from getting into your home.

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