A sweeping look through your garage every once in a while might give you the impression that it isn’t as efficient a place as it used to be. Rather, it’s not spacious enough to accommodate all your needs. Such garages end up cramped and, in some ways, even unhygienic. Having more space in your garage does not only elevate its appearance but will also give you breathing space. Below are some of the many tips you can follow to have an airy and spacious garage space.

Declutter the Garage

Sometimes, cluttering begins with putting your old golf gear in the corners of the garage because you don’t want to part ways with it. This gives an open invitation for more things to be crammed into your garage space, and before you know it, the place floods with unwanted items, turning the garage into a storage space. Decluttering is the prime method to eliminate extra things piling in your garage. Figure out the things that you have use for and throw away the things which are old, unfunctional and rarely used.

Take Advantage of Walls and Ceilings

If a number of things make the cut after the decluttering, utilize the walls and ceilings for storing your essential things. Many wall storage systems and hooks help you hang your tools and gears without taking any flooring space. E.g., your gardening tools like the shovel, wheelbarrow, digging fork, hand trowel and more can easily occupy the walls with appropriate hooks. Wall organizers and modular storage systems like cabinets and shelves can do the job perfectly and give you much airy space. Some free-standing shelving units help you organize any cases, boxes or slabs. These shelves are cheap to build and can be aligned to the walls without occupying too much space.

More often than not, ceilings are overlooked when brainstorming storage spaces. Overhead storage space can come in handy to keep any seasonal clothes, holiday decorations or other seasonal elements that come out only a couple of times throughout the year.

Create a Space Illusion

A few tricks can help your garage feel roomier in appearance. The additions of windows and mirrors allow sunlight to come in, creating a brighter and longer space. This helps make the room feel larger and spacious. Moreover, painting the walls white can make the room more spacious for the eyes. White surfaces have the ability to reflect more natural light, which will create a spacious illusion of your garage. Combining this white surface with mirrors and windows, you have a bright, airy garage space.

Garages, when organized correctly, can create a functional space of the highest degree. Be it the storage of your necessary household items or your huge car, a proper plan and execution can get you through it. Premier Built Garages is the right partner that gives you a garage space you envision for yourself. Our decades of experience and expert craftsmanship will assist you in executing your garage project perfectly. Reach out to us today. Visit us at Garage Superstore, 3407 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB.

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