The main function of a garage is to protect and park your car in a safe place. But for some people, garages can be an extra storage place, a working area, or a little extra room. When your vehicle is idly parked, a garage saves it from the rain and snow. Whatever reason you need a garage, here are nine points to keep in mind:


What is your purpose for building a garage? Is it for heavy vehicles or small cars? Do you want extra space or a work desk? Do you want to install shelves? Think about how you want to design your garage and look for a builder who can execute your plan.


If you want space for storage, list all the items you want or will need to store in the garage. For example, do you want to keep yard equipment, Christmas decorations, or extra household items? This will give you and the builder an idea of how big you want the garage to be.


Whether you use the garage just for parking or also as a mini office, consider utilities like heaters, air conditioning, etc. Be certain your garage plans consider any electric equipment in use.

Permits for Construction

One of the first things to keep in mind while constructing a garage is government permits. Choose a professional to take care of the necessary construction permits for you. They should also be certain about the local rules and regulations regarding building your garage, like construction, electrical, etc.

Company Reputation

Do your thorough research before hiring a garage builder. Check online reviews. How long has the company been in this construction business? Do they have a good track record? Have they built the type of garage you want before?

Customer Service

Try to look for companies that have customer support services available. They will solve all your doubts and queries. Customer support will be beneficial before appointing the garage building company services, during the building process, and even after.


Construction rates usually aren’t the priority when looking for a builder, but comparing prices isn’t bad. It could very much be possible that two companies offer different price points for the same service. So choose the company that is right for you.


Make sure the builders provide a warranty. Then, they will be responsible just in case something goes wrong with the garage. Providing a warranty also shows that they trust and believe in their work.

Quality Work

Lastly, always ensure they have done good quality work in their previous jobs. Evaluate whether they use the right materials, work in a safe environment and have construction experience.

Now that you know what to look for before booking a garage builder reach out to Premier Built Garages to design your garage today. Our garage packages include permits, complete garage construction, and electrical. We have years of experience, and we work with professionals, so we will be able to build a garage that is just right for you.

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