As you take one step closer to owning your dream SUV, you are on cloud nine. However, with the growing dimension of your new vehicle, there’s also the thought of garage space swirling around in your mind. Will your garage be able to accommodate your vehicle? Well, not to worry! Here are some ways that you could customize your garage for your brand new vehicle.

Garage Measurements

Before you initiate any plan or modification to your existing garage, make sure you know the measurements of your garage first. Measurement is vital to decide if your garage can occupy your larger vehicle. In addition to that, you will also need to measure your vehicle’s dimensions that will accommodate your garage. Figure out the additional space your SUV or truck doors take when they open, their height and length. Truck bumpers may also add up to its length and breadth.


Take a 360-degree glance around your garage and you will most likely find some items you have stashed away in your garage spaces that you might not have any use for anymore. Things such as old gym equipment that you have already replaced with new ones, broken things or appliances you don’t have any use for or old and rusty garage tools that aren’t really of use obscure unnecessary spaces, which you can rather utilize for your growing garage needs.

Garage Extension

Depending on the location of your garage, you can generate extra garage space by extending the pad and building for more room. If it’s just a few inches that you require to fit your car in, and regulations permit that you can extend the extisting structure you can pour more concrete and extend the structure, as long as engineering permits. Creating enough space for your car to squeeze in.

Wall Storage Optimization

Stacking up a huge pile of things that you think might need later can also take ample space, which can be utilized for a larger vehicle instead. Instead of decluttering necessary things, you can affix them to your garage walls. Utilities such as garage tools, yoga mats, golf kits or other sports equipment can go up on your slat walls without hoarding much space and providing enough room for your large vehicle.


There is only so much you can do with optimizing your space. If your garage truly can’t accommodate your vehicle, maybe it’s time for you to consider reconstructing your garage. It might weigh down your pockets significantly, but your SUV or truck also is a major investment that would require proper care and space. In such cases, you should partner up with a construction firm that would customize and expand your space the way you want it.

Although reconstruction of your garage can prove to be a cumbersome task, with the right assistance, you can build an optimum space for your dream SUV. Seek the services of Premier Built Garages to construct and elevate your garage space. We are licensed builders that envision a garage that will suit your tastes and fit your vehicles comfortably.