Structural Options

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Storage Truss

Avoid the cutter and save your yard space by storing your seasonal items in the attic. Includes engineered trusses, lights, and access ladder.

Windows and Doors

Increase light and accessibility to your garage, choose from a variety of sizes and functions. Slider windows, doors w/ window inserts and more.


Add some curb appeal to your garage by adding some dimension to your roof.


Increase the height of your walls, increase the depth of your walls, give yourself some headroom and increase the r-value.

Roof Slope and Style

Match your house or increase the space in your attic by choosing a different roof slope or roof design. Includes: Split-roofs, shed roofs, Hip Roofs, Gables View details

Concrete Enhancements

Add a curb, step, or driveway(apron) protect you and your belongings. Add sidewalks and patios to enhance your yard before the garage closes it in.