Exterior Options

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Overhead Door Style and Size

Increase your door height, width, or enhance the curb appeal and increase your resale value with a designer or painted door.

Accents and Painting

Match the trim to your home or make your garage more personal with your own colour palette.

Siding and Stone

Match your garage to your house with stucco, Hardie-board and stone detail. Get your exact colour or find a complimentary colour for your house.

Overhead Door Accessories

Give your garage some curb appeal with windows, make your garage more functional with side-mount operators, additional remotes, a wireless keypad, or open with an app.

Sidewalks and Parging

Finish the look of your yard, parge your concrete and add a sidewalk for extended durability and peace-of-mind.

Gable Detail

Add shakes, batten, shadow band, paneling to match the gable details of your house. View details