Premier Garage Package

We want you to have choices. At Premier Built Garages, we’ve designed complete packages for you to make easy choices with options to personalize for your family’s needs,

The Premier Garage Package is designed with the most popular, quality finishes, constructed to be low maintenance and user friendly.

Our Premier Garage Package comes complete with:

  • All applicable Permits
  • 6/12 Gable Roof
  • Insulated, Steel Overhead Garage Door (numerous standard colors available)
  • 1/2 HP Belt drive Motor (Wifi, 2 remotes & Keypad)
  • 4″ Maintenance Free Metal Trims
  • Picture Window
  • Complete Electrical
  • Soffits, Eavestrough, Downspouts, and Fascia


Premier Garage Package (concrete not included)                            Get your Free Estimate 


Get it with Concrete (concrete, grading included)

Concrete work includes:

  • Concrete Pad
  • Concrete Driveway to laneway
  • Concrete Curb
  • Excavating and Grading
  • Optional: Garage Removal / Demolition (additional cost)
  • Optional: Trenching (additional cost)                                                  Contact us for an Estimate

(Prices vary on size, finishes, and are subject to change without notice)



Premier Build Garages offers numerous options for our clients to make their garage their own:

  • Numerous Overhead Garage Door Styles & Sizes
  • Trim Details: Shakes, Scallops, Smart Trim & Metal Battens
  • Premium Siding
  • Interior Drywall & Paint
  • Storage & Attic Trusses
  • Floor Coatings: Hardeners & Polyaspartic Coatings
  • Garage Cabinets & Storage Solutions (designed to meet your personal storage needs)
  • Cottage, Dutch & Eyebrow Roots
  • Upgraded Wall Heights

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Quick, quality, efficient and also cost effective and cheaper compare to other contractors I had asked, here in Edmonton. I plan to have my garage made before winter sets in. And even it was Fall and there was snow already , they live up to their promise to build it, as planned. Awesome, I highly recommend them.

Rolan Priela

We had little ups & downs but overall it's still very good.. They're professionals and get the job done on point. That's the reason I chose them. Now I got to enjoy my new garage. Pricing wise is good too than the others. Recommendable

Chito Javier

Amazingly professional! These guys are the definition of what construction companies should be. On time, organized, quality product, quality workmanship. Trust me when I say, you should never go elsewhere for a garage!

Don Clement

Fantastic and hassle free service and so far seems like good quality!

Sterntelz Ernprathin

What a beautiful garage! Premier made it easy for us and they did it for a great price. We checked out a few contractors, and Premier was the one who knew what we were looking for. They matched everything perfectly, and we didn't have to do any work ourselves. I would recommend these guys to anybody in my neighbourhood, and to anybody that has a new home without a garage. Call Aaron.

M. Woods

This guy is a custom home builder doing garages! Great system in place, great price, and on time. I would recommend them to anyone.


Tyler Ellis


All of our garages are covered by a comprehensive 3-year / 5-year / 10-year New Garage Warranty.

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