Garage doors go through significant wear and tear due to a number of reasons ranging from everyday use to extreme weather conditions.  So if your garage door is making funny noises, shaking or is no longer lever – it’s probably time to get a new garage door. But remember, there’s no one solution that fits all and there are a number of things you must consider before making a purchase. Here are four essential pointers before buying a garage door.

Choose the Garage Door Material

The first thing to do when deciding on a garage door is to choose its material according to your needs. You have a number of materials to choose from, such as wood, aluminum, steel or composite wood. If your area experiences significant humidity, it is better to opt for aluminum doors. These doors are rust and corrosion resistant which exhibit longevity. For a variety of choices and colours, all within a cost-effective range, you can go for steel doors. Wooden doors will give an affluent look to your garage door. However, you might need to refinish the wood every few years.

Consider the Style of Your House

Now that we have gone through the door materials, next comes choice of style. An overall look of the house can give you an idea about the style that will best suit your garage door. For example, a contemporary door won’t go well with a house with historical elements. You can go for any of the three prominent garage door styles that include:

  • Raised panel garage doors: These are traditional garage doors that contain raised symmetrical rectangles for panels.
  • Contemporary garage doors: These are modern garage doors, which are typically designed with glass and metal.
  • Carriage house: These typically have rustic elements and open from the middle barn doors.

Don’t Forget About Insulation

Insulated garages minimize the transmission of outdoor temperatures, indoors. Insulated doors can cost a little higher than conventional ones but have immense benefits. However, if your garage itself isn’t insulated, then there is no point in buying an insulated door. The air can easily pass through the walls. Moreover, if your garage is detached from the house, insulated doors won’t add much to efficiency anyway.

Leave It to the Pros

Installing a door might seem like an easy DIY project with a few videos and tools at hand. But it takes more than just that. For starters, it will consume a lot of days for a task that can be completed within hours. Moreover, the winding of the springs requires arm power, which can be fairly dangerous. In conclusion, it is always wise to reach out to professionals.

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